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The Atebion modelling software may be used for managing complex funding applications like the model shown in figure 11 below. This model was quickly set up for an Objective One Funding application. The model has three top branches ‘Budget’, ‘Actual’ and ‘Variance’. The user puts the application data in the  ‘Budget’ braches and as the ‘Actual’ braches are updated over time, the user can see the variances.

There are over three hundred sheets and each one is located by opening the appropriate tree branches that follows the application form layout, including appropriate section notes.


Figure 11. The tree structure of folders, the names correspond to the section names on the application form.


Each cell value within a sheet may have a minimum and/or a maximum value attached to it so if you try to manually edit, import data or the program calculates outside the min/max values then you will be warned and using our diagnostics you will see every cell that stops the system from finding a perfect solution.


Figure 12. The summary sheet showing the budgeted calculated values.


The user may combine a detailed business model to this model that will feed the actual branches. Only a demonstration will show how easy it can be with Atebion and adding colours to folders and individual cells could improve the navigational capabilities of this model.


Figure 13 shows the budgeted project cost. Another sheet will calculate the actual and variances.

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