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A number of business finance models exist and each can be tailored to your individual needs for a fraction of the cost of using other programs.

Our simple model starts with a single sheet for “Sales” and one for “Purchases”.  All you do is add a new row and insert the required data or choose from a pull-down window. The following columns exist:

Date of Invoice                        Insert date

Date of Payment                     Insert date

Supplier                                   Pull down window (suppliers dictionary).

Code                                       Inserted automatically – linked to Details column.

Details                                     Pull down window (purchase or sales dictionary).

Pay Out Type                          Pull down window (payment dictionary).

Cheque Number                     Insert Number

Bank Reconciliation                Pull down window (Yes or No).

Bank                                      Insert Value

Cash                                     Insert Value

Contra                                   Insert Value

VAT                                       Insert Value (only claimable value)

Amount                                 Calculated Value

Bank €                                     Insert Value

Cash €                                    Insert Value

Contra €                                  Insert Value

VAT €                                      Insert Value (only claimable value)

Amount €                                Calculated Value

VAT Calc.                              17.5% of Net Value (sum of Bank, Cash, Contra).

VAR                                         Difference between VAT Inserted and VAT Calc. for checking)


Figure 7. Small simple cash model that also handles VAT.
All the information is then calculated and updates the corresponding cash sheets according to the dates set in each monthly sheet and the invoice date of payment. You just scroll down the list.


Figure 8. shows a single monthly cash summary.


Values from the individual monthly cash summaries are automatically transferred to the 12 month cashflow as seen below.


Figure 9.  Shows a twelve-month cashflow sheet.


This simple model also calculates all you VAT needs.

A more detailed finance model can be seen below. This model normally goes out with a quarterly visit from a consultant and is used by managers who want more information to make decisions, raise finance or keeping investors happy.


Figure 10. Shows a profit and loss summary in a more detailed business model.

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