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From only 5 per month you could use this simple to use retail shop model that allows you to compare daily, weekly, quarterly and annual figures over as many years as you want. You just set a quarterly target percentage figure over last year’s quarter and put in your daily takings, press the calculate button and look at the reports and graphs.  Previous years figures are automatically brought into the respective sheets to minimise errors, so all the user needs to know is how to open and close branches to select the correct weekly sheet and edit daily takings.

Add another year with no need to think about the calculations that are all taken care of by the black box.

No one will be able to alter anything you don’t want him or her to and a macro menu controls the whole model and error checking is inserted throughout.

You could combine this model with one of our Business Models, linking profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet. This model will feed the sales line.


Figure 1. Retail model showing the tree structure of folders (sheets) and part view of the weekly sheet for Week 26, Quarter 2, 2005.

Note in figure 1 above, the tree structure for easy navigating around folders, allowing you to open and close branches just like file managers.


Figure 2. A full view of a weekly sheet with the values calculated after inserting the daily takings.


Figure 2 above shows a single weekly sheet. The user just updates the daily takings and the quarters target percentage increase over last year in the General Edits folder. All the other values are calculated for you, including last year’s daily figures which are automatically brought into this years sheets.


Figure 3. Rolling 13 week sheet helps to pick up trends.


Monthly, Quarterly and Rolling 13 week total sheets are available. The 13 week sheet shown in figure 3 above displays a smooth curve on the graph. Highlight the value on the graph and the corresponding cell is in view. Highlight a value in a sheet and see the point on the graph.

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