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Following the links below we describe samples of our off the shelf models that show off the flexibility and power of our Atebion software together with the quality of our model building services. Our main selling points are:

  • Speed of Implementation for the Whole Solution Atebion cuts the total time to implement a complete working solution, one that makes it possible for business users to answer business questions.
  •  Flexibility - Building With Something a Little More Pliable – The ability to modify models quickly after they have been deployed gives a significant impact on the project’s success. Your models are living, changing sets of applications – cuts the time and cost required for making changes to existing applications.
  • Ease of UseThe end user will not see more than they have to, the complicated bits can be hidden. The program commands can be disabled, updated only through macros.
  • Error checking As well as the software diagnostics we always push users to build error checking into models. Our standard costing model is an example of good model building practice.
  • Peace of Mind Unlike standard spreadsheet developers there is no need to worry if a model builder should leave your company, any trained Atebion model builder should be able to follow another model developers logic and you could use our bureau service as a stop gap.
  • Import and Export – Different file formats including standard spreadsheets can be imported and exported, gives you the option for different users to carry on using their own models and using Atebion to bring data together for playing “What ifs” and feeding data back.

Links to models:

Retail Model

Staff Model

Business Finance Models

Managing European Objective One Funding

Standard Costing Model as used in Pathology

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